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Slots Guide

Online slot machines have a number of important features that every player should consider before starting a free gaming session.

First of all, one should pay attention to the number of reels. The slot machine consists of reels and rows. Once the game session has started, the reels start spinning. Each reel represents a number of symbols. Each slot machine has 3 to 5 rows. The rows are horizontal lines. The second characteristic to pay attention to, besides the reels, is the number of paylines. These are the ones that determine the possibility of winning a jackpot. The winning lines in free slots define the exact way in which the symbols appear on the screen to form a winning combination and earn the player money. It is also important to see which slot machine has the minimum and maximum bet and the jackpot. To set the bets, players must press the buttons at the bottom of the online slot machine interface. Players can always choose to bet on all lines or just a few.

Before starting the game, it is necessary to check the characteristics of each feature and symbol. This is done by clicking on the button with the letter "I", which is normally located in the corner of the screen. A table of winnings as well as a table with the price of each symbol will be displayed on the screen. Players can also find descriptions of the wild, scatter and bonus symbols. And the last thing the player should check before starting the game is the version of the free online slot game. Today, people can play the free demo version with no download and no registration or the full version for real money.

Reels - The number of reels is one of the most important categories in the world of online casino games https://casinopokiesurf.com/. This is the first thing to pay attention to. Traditionally, slot machines have three or five reels. The more reels, the larger the interface and the more complicated the slot machine. The reels specify the amount of symbols. Usually there are 5 to 10 symbols on a reel, depending on the manufacturer. The number of reels also defines the number of winning lines in an online slot game. The maximum number of reels is 18. In case the number of reels is higher than 5, it means that there are several screens with symbols. The reels can be of different sizes and shapes. They do not have to be straight lines and three rows high. More often they can be one row high with three rows and even wider! It also depends on the developer. At CasinoSpot, people can find free online slot games with different numbers of reels, from 3 to 18!

Paylines - If you want to calculate your chances of winning, simply look at the number of paylines presented. The payline is a form of symbols that appear on the screen and form a certain combination. The lines can be different and have various shapes. For example, there are straight and long lines as well as lines cut in the middle. They can be vertical and horizontal, run from the first to the last roll or end on the third. The shape and length of the line depends on the developer and the type of the online slot game. Before starting each session, the player must first study the number of lines presented and their appearance. To do this, simply click on the 'Paylines' button at the bottom of the interface, and they will see the coloured, glowing lines above the game icons, which are displayed on the screen. CasinoSpot can help you start colourful games with any number of lines available.

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